Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Cloth diapers, revisited

Wow. When I said I was off to "join the pack" I never imagined those cloth diaper hyenas were going to take me on a tour of the world's biggest diaper pail!

It took me 1 1/2 years to crawl out of that sucker -- and the things I saw? Yeesh. You don't want to know.

I kid...

Actually, the reason why I haven't posted to this blog in so very long is simply because I could no longer find the time to do so. Other writing projects demanded my attention, and then I ended up going back to work full-time in June 2006... and before I knew it, I'd pretty much forgotten this blog altogether.

ALMOST. Because every few weeks, one of my soon-to-be-a-mom friends would email me a question, asking for advice on where to buy discount cloth diapers.

Or how to wash cloth diapers.

Or what the difference is between a pocket diaper and an all-in-one.

OR what the heck "UBCPF" means... or what the pros and cons of Chinese vs. Indian prefolds are!

And so, to keep up with the ongoing demand for information, I've decided to start up this blog again. (I even gave it a bit of a redesign. You like?)

Because now that Monkey Boy's a running and jumping two-year-old, my perspective on cloth diapers is a little different.

And for those who asked? Yep, once your baby starts eating solids the *romance* of cloth diapers is definitely, um, tarnished.

But have I ever regretted my decision to use cloth diapers for the past two years and counting?

Not for a moment.


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