Sunday, November 27, 2005

The diaper hyenas are closing in

The Internet is being overrun by stalkers. Diaper stalkers, that is. They come from dozens of different countries and are constantly on the prowl, sniffing out deals on the best and most beautiful cloth diapers available online. They are the connoisseurs, and they call themselves hyenas.

Here are a couple of great articles that describe this growing Internet phenomenon. Enjoy!

If you'd like to actually meet some hyenas in person -- or at least chat with people who have some experience using cloth diapers and are eager to exchange information on the subject -- I suggest you pay a visit to the Diaper Pin. There you'll find hundreds of raging diaper fiends who would love nothing better than to share their cloth diapering stories, give you buying and washing tips, and rave about their own latest purchases.

'Bye for now. I'm off to join the pack.


pleutim said...

Okay. I just found your blog tonight but I'm really hoping that you come back soon and blog some more. November 27!? I've decided to attempt making a few cloth diapers and what better encouragement than a blogging mama who LOVES her cloth dipes?? A fellow Canadian mama at that.

Anonymous said...

I read your comments on newborn poops - agreed. Small, non-offensive, manageable.

But past 6-8 months, the poop changes significantly and becomes large, toxic and less manageable. They certainly can compete with the adult versions in both volume and frequency.

Without being too scientific, I think my child easily outperforms any adult in that department, including the smell part.

From what I can tell your child should now have reached that age... how are you doing on the cloth diapering? Have you been able to keep it up or moved on to disposables?

I would really like to hear if you in any way have been able to cloth diaper a larger baby, because I haven't. Just not sure how with the sheer amount and frequency...

Anonymous said...

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QueenLi said...

Hi there! I don't have babies yet, but I have a question about "cloth diapers".... Don't they take a LOT of Water {washing} to clean???

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Alysa Gregory said...

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